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Blue Mystery Snail
Blue Mystery Snail

Blue Mystery Snail

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Our Snails

Our snails are reared in individual holding tanks. Each tank is inhabited by a single species, type and color. Each tank is individually filtered and water parameters, diet, and feeding rituals are highly regulated and tightly controlled. Because each tank is its own closed ecosystem we can fine tune each system to the specific requirements of its inhabitants. The benefits of this type of system are enormous in terms of breeding speed and overall livestock health.

Most of the Mystery Snails we sell are very young and range in size between 1/2 - 1 inch in diameter.

Packaging: Our snails are harvested fresh the day they are shipped. They're gently wrapped in moist paper towel and placed in food grade plastic deli-containers. Containers are then wrapped in shipping paper and shipped in rugged corrugated cardboard boxes to guarantee safe, health, delivery.

Mystery Snails

The Mystery Snail (Pomacea bridgesii) is a freshwater snail indigenous to the Amazon River basin in South America. Mystery snails appear in a variety of colors including burgundy, yellow, gold, blue, green, brown, purple, and ivory. Unlike may other snail species, Mystery snails do not reproduce asexually, but rather require both male and female to breed.

Mystery snails are among the largest of the freshwater snails and will grow up to 2 inches in diameter. Their huge appetite for algae and peaceful disposition make them one of the most popular snails in the hobby today. They're safe to keep with fish, shrimp, and plants and diligently clean algae from glass, plants and aquarium decorations. They can breathe both through their gills and through a tub that extends from the front of their bodies by extending this tube above the waterline.

Water Parameters
  • Temperature: 68 - 87 degrees F.
  • pH: 7.5 - 8.5
  • kH: 12 - 18 (they do best in hard water)
  • gH: 8 - 18 (they do best in hard water)
  • Calcium: Snails needs calcium to maintain shell health.