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Springtail - Isopod Combo Package
Springtail - Isopod Combo Package

Springtail - Isopod Combo Package

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Our Springtail - Isopod Combo Package is comprised an 8 oz. mixed springtails seeding culture and the isopod culture of your choice. This package is designed to provide maximum micro-fauna penetration of your terrarium/vivarium ecosystem. These arthropods have ferocious appetites for decomposing leaf litter, animal feces, and dead plant matter. Springtails and isopods are also ideal dietary supplements for dart frogs, small salamanders and newly metamorphosed amphibians of all kinds. Once established, their colonies will continue to perpetuate creating a steady supply of food while cleaning and maintaining your habitat’s ecosystem.

Springtail Culture
Our mixed seeding cultures are teaming with hundreds of active adult and juvenile Tropical White, Tropical Pink and Temperate springtails. Comprised of a mixed organic substrate, seeding cultures are ready to be mixed directly into your habitat's substrate. Simply empty the culture into desired habitat in full or in part. If emptied in part, add additional organic matter to seeding culture and springtails will continue to perpetuate in perpetuity.

Isopod Culture
Isopods are crustaceans that serve both as tank janitors and supplemental high calcium food for dart frogs, geckos and a variety of other amphibian/reptiles. We culture our isopods in a warm, moist mixture of sphagnum peat moss, oak leaves and oak bark. They're raised on a diet of fresh vegetables, high protein fish flakes, and the rich organic substrate in which they are bred. Simply empty isopod culture into desired habitat and they will continue to breed in perpetuity.