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Springtails (Seeding Culture)
Springtails (Seeding Culture)

Springtails (Seeding Culture)

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Seeding Culture
Our seeding cultures are teaming with hundreds of active adult and juvenile springtails. Comprised of a sphagnum peat moss substrate, seeding cultures are ready to be mixed directly into your habitat. Simply empty seeding culture into desired habitat in full or in part. If emptied in part, add additional organic matter to seeding culture and springtails will continue to breed and repopulate.

Our seeding cultures are a mixture of Tropical White, Tropical Pink and Temperate springtails to make sure you get the breed best suited for your habitat's environment. These tiny little arthropods have ferocious appetites for decomposing leaf litter, animal feces, and dead plant matter. This makes them an essential element for the overall health of your terrarium/vivarium ecosystem. Springtails are also an ideal dietary supplements for dart frogs, small salamanders and newly metamorphosed amphibians of all kinds. Once established, a springtail colony will continue to reproduce in perpetuity creating a steady supply of food while at the same time cleaning and maintaining your habitat’s ecosystem.

  • Color: White/Pinkish Hue
  • Size: 0-1 mm
  • Locality: Found naturally in warm, moist, humid marshlands
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Light: Natural ambient
  • Temperature: 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Humidity: 90-100%
  • Behavior: Lively, hardy, crawling, jumping
  • Culturing: Easy to breed. Breed in charcoal substrate (recommended) or mixed organic media substrate. Springtails reach sexual maturity in 5-6 weeks and lay up to 400 eggs over their lifetime.